About The Donkey Farm

Well its all about the Critter of course

​If your the mind to, stop by the farm. Bob Doxey, owner of Lazy BD Donkey Farm, is always displaying his super-sized donkeys.

​Our featured donkey, Blue Mountain Highlander, is 15.1 hands tall, equivalent to 62 inches high. Highlander is a breed of donkey called a Mammoth Jack, a now rare variety originally bred for American farmers.

​Alongside Highlander are his offspring Billy Jack and Pepper Jack. According to Doxey, it's likely that Billy might actually outgrow his father within the next few years.

Despite this, Doxey said the donkeys really are gentle creatures. Looking into the large, dark eyes of Highlander, it's hard not to agree. 

Many people are unaware of the difference between a mule and a donkey, in Doxey's experience. A mule is created by mating a mare, a female horse, with a jack, a male donkey. During the week, Doxey plans to bring a young mule and its mother to the fairgrounds, in addition to the three large donkeys already present. This, he said, will give people the opportunity to learn the differences among horses, donkeys and mules.

​Doxey's farm, located on Mullan Road, is open to visits from anyone at essentially any time. The donkeys don't travel out of state, though they have made appearances at Mule Days.It's a special treat to own the animal and it's strongly advised you take the time to stop and see them if you are interested. The donkeys are impressive - not to mention beautiful, in a donkey sort of way - and if you're lucky, you'll hear Highlander let out a laugh-inducing, super-sized bray.